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Latest Issue

USEFUL: Ultrasound Exam for Underlying Lesions Incorporated into Physical Exam

Jon Steller, Bianca Russell, Shahram Lotfipour, Graciela Maldonado, Tim Siepel, Halsey Jakle, Stacy Hata, Alan Chiem, John Christian Fox

Does Prolonged Length of Stay in the Emergency Department Affect Outcome for Stroke Patients?

Minal Jain, Dushyant Damania, Anunaya R. Jain, Abhijit R. Kanthala, Latha Ganti, Babak S. Jahromi

Follow Up for Emergency Department Patients After Intravenous Contrast and Risk of Nephropathy

Getaw Worku Hassen, Albert Hwang, Lydia Liyun Liu, Felicia Mualim, Toshiro Sembo, Ting Jia Tu, Daniel Hsiang Wei, Paul Johnston, Ana Costea, Carlos Meletiche, Shakeel Usmani, Andre Barber, Rajnish Jaiswal, Hossein Kalantari

Skin Infections and Antibiotic Stewardship: Analysis of Emergency Department Prescribing Practices, 2007–2010

Daniel J. Pallin, Carlos A. Camargo, Jr, Jeremiah D. Schuur

Case Reports

Phenytoin Toxicity from Cocaine Adulteration

Carlos J. Roldan
The Ethics of the Missing Straw

The Ethics of the Missing Straw

David Bell, Eric Katz, Anne Klokow

Delayed Presentation of Deep Sternal Wound Infection

Linda Joseph, Rebecca K. Jeanmonod

Emergency Department Crowding and Loss of Medical Licensure: A New Risk of Patient Care in Hallways

Robert W. Derlet, Robert M. McNamara, Amin Antoine Kazzi, John R. Richards