CPC-EM: Volume 1 Issue 2

13-year-old Girl with Fevers

Cobb, MD, et al.

A 13-year-old African-American female presented to our pediatric emergency department (ED) with fever for eight days, as high as 103°F at home.

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Pyogenic Flexor Tenosynovitis in an Infant

Gragg, DO, et al.

This condition is generally diagnosed in adults by the observance of the four Kanavel signs. Application of the Kanavel signs to diagnosis in the pediatric population, however, is of unknown utility. We present the case of a 13-month-old male with pyogenic flexor tenosynovitis who presented with all four of the Kanavel signs.

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Wernicke’s Encephalopathy in a Patient Without Chronic Alcohol Abuse

Thota, MD, et al.

We discuss a case of WE in a 63-year-old female with no history of chronic alcohol abuse, who presented with bilateral opthalmoplegia that resolved after intravenous thiamine administration. This case report highlights the varied clinical settings other than chronic alcohol abuse in which the diagnosis of WE should be considered.

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Burn-induced Myxedema Crisis

Batista, MD, et al.

We present the case of MC with a rapid progression of hypothermia, altered mental status, and respiratory failure that was instigated by a flash burn to the face.

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A Novel Source of Chest Pain in the Emergency Department

Isa, MD, et al.

This is a case report of a patient with an unusual presentation of an inferior vena cava (IVC) filter migration with a delayed presentation, and without electrical or valvular abnormalities. We discuss considerations and potential complications from IVC filter placement from the emergency physician perspective.

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Intercostal Lung Herniation

Manthey, MD, et al.

A pleasant 51-year-old gentleman began to experience right chest wall discomfort approximately one month prior to his presentation to the emergency department (ED).

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Adult Female with a Headache

Wittbold, MD, et al.

A 38 year old female with a history of a right foot drop after medial facetectomies (L4-L5, L5-S1) and micro-discectomy (L4-L5) eight weeks prior presented to the emergency department (ED) with two weeks of headache and neck pain.

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Smith, MD, et al.

A 22-year-old college student presented to the emergency department with a painful rash to her left upper extremity.

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